How could you tackle your obstacles and opportunities differently if you had a thought partner? 

Benefits of coaching.

Every winning professional sports team has a coach. every individual champion of the Masters golf tournament uses a coach. Leading corporations have embraced the productivity boost gained through coaching.

What's the common theme? Coaching helps us achieve things. It's not that we are incapable, but with another person's help we can uncover those barriers to moving forward, those obstacles that invisibly stand in our way.

How coaching really works.

Coaching can refer to anything from leading your son's baseball team to advising the CEO of Microsoft.

Perhaps the best way to explain coaching for the rest of us is to distinguish it from other forms of influence.

  1. Consulting is when an expert brings solutions to your problem.
  2. Counseling is when a trained listener prescribes appropriate therapy.
  3. Training is when a presenter offers content and insight for a specific topic.
  4. But coaching is when you partner with someone who can ask you the right questions to propel you forward.

Getting started with a free coaching session.