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The practice of coaching demands a coalescing of the empirical and the instinctive, the intellectual and the emotional.  It is both science and art.  Leaders that utilize a coach approach behave differently than many of their peers because they have chosen to value the powerful insights coaching brings. 

Throughout my lifetime I have observed leaders of all kinds, representative of a wide range of ages, experiences, pedigree and education.  Clearly those who have impacted me most significantly are those who led with a care for the individual.  While this in itself may not describe the optimum leader in all scenarios, in my experience these men and women have profoundly shaped me by modeling relationship and challenging me to have the courage to lead against the stream. 

What made them leaders in my eyes was their insistence that I had value, that they saw in me potential for influence, and that they cared about me as an individual.  Raised in a Christian home, I have been surrounded by people like these, and I am the recipient of their confidence in my contribution, all by God’s grace.

In fact, this conviction that people are to be valued and developed—rather than merely used as some kind of disposable resource—is what led to my decision to walk away from the business world and seek the training and skills to lead pastorally, a monumental transition moment in my life.


  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • 30+ years teaching, curriculum and presentation development
  • Proven ability to prepare, present and apply concepts with high learner engagement
  • Regional trainer for facilitator certification of Life Innovations “Prepare/Enrich” relationship assessment
  • DISC personality profile: high S (stability) and C (conscientiousness)
  • StrengthsFinder profile: Connectedness, Relator, Developer, Learner, Positivity
  • 13 years as Executive Pastor / Pastor of Discipleship at West Side Church, Yakima, WA
  • 18 years as Senior Pastor / Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Bible Church, Seattle, WA
  • Currently completing doctoral degree in coaching through Western Seminary, Portland, OR
  • B.S. Business Administration: Marketing Management, California State University, Sacramento, CA