Israel Study Trip Blog


Here are the blog posts from my study trip to Israel this year. Feel free to share it and use it as you like. Great memories!

PS--If you find any errors, please let me know. I make plenty of mistakes!

What I Hope to Find in Israel Isn't Just Historical

Day 1--Following the Mediterranean Coastline to Lebanon

Day 2--Who, Me?

Day 3--So Many Choices

Day 4--Life Around the Lake

Day 5--Light Among the Shadows

Day 6--Living on Purpose

Day 7--Keep It Simple

Day 8--Impossible Odds

Day 9--God Loves Us Unconditionally

Day 10--God is My Refuge and Refreshment

Day 11--Fun with Fatigue

Day 12--Digging Deeper

Day 13/14--What a Great Family! Anticipating the Best Reunion Ever!